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2007 - First conference. Main themes touched upon (free/open) Software, with topics like web caching and proxying, Free Software licensing, How to write graphical applications, database clustering and optimization, and more but also touched upon social topics such as introducing affordable internet capable computers to developing countries, Digital Rights for consumers, Digital Rights in general, NGO - decision making, Free Software with a female touch.

2008 - The conference evolved and covered two main tracks: Free Software and Free Culture, reflecting a stronger identity of the social and cultural part. Inspiration in part by "Free Culture" by Lawrence Lessig.

2009 - The tracks evolved into Free Software Track and Free Society Track. Inspiration in part by "Free Software, Free Society" by Richard Stallman. Conference also included a separate track for workshops, and one track which was co-organized by other organizations.

2010 - Several themes including Embedded, Ethics, Infrastructure, Makers of the Future, Divide and Reconquer, Extensions (how FS can influence other movements in society), Free Software and Using Free Software to Fuel the Revolution. Some themes were co-organized with other individuals or organizations.

2011 - This year's conference introduced the manifesto, opening it for input from the participants. Tracks included Free software in politics, Development for embedded systems, Free desktop environments, The future of money, Human rights and digital freedoms, Universal design - Aiming for accessibility, Development in free software communities, and Building together - Manufacturing Solidarity. Workshops were held during the Friday at Språkbanken. Keynote speakers were Richard Stallman and Christina Haralanova.

2012 - Tracks included General purpose computing, Free software feminism, Decentralising society, Open security and Legal. Workshops were held during the Friday at Språkbanken. Keynote speakers were Gabriella Coleman and Allison Randal.

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