Meeting 2011-08-15

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FSCONS Planning meeting at Gnutiken August 15, 2011 at 16:00 -- 17:00.



  • Gnutiken Web.
  • Map
  • Address: Övre Husargatan 27, Near Linnéplatsen, Göteborg


  • Central point of contact concept
  • List of speakers on

Alternative ways of joining the meeting, if you can't make it in person

Contact us at info[AT] and ask for alternative ways of joining the meeting. Normally we'll have an IRC chat room going. You can read more about IRC here. Probably we'll add a phone line also, so that you may join via phone. More info on that to come, but please contact us for more information.



0. Venue - where?

Probably IT-U (due to re-building - we're not sure) - possibly CTH Johanneberg

1. Central point of contact concept

Commander will have walkie-talkie, infodesk will have one and runners will be having one. This will be formalized in an email by Patrik and Grégoire.

2. List of speakers on

LJO: When to put up speakers on the web page. Needs coordination. Web team and track coordinators. Will be coordinated between LJO and track coordinators. Thursday for hesa.

3. Lunches

Oliver will check with L's. Nemos - tbd

4. Workshops Friday - Where? Sign-up?

Wiki page proposed for sign-up. LJO will contact workshop organizers.

5. Other questions

  • How many slots are there? 58, some of which reserved for Key notes,

each track has 6 slots. LJO assumes that all 8 track will allocate its six slots.

  • Social even - Where/How? Berg211 actually fails - not in plan. At L's Kitchen Lindholmen? At IT-U? At CTU Student pub? Who investigates? There will be todo-items for this.
  • Oliver - more non-alcoholic alternatives!
  • Jonas: Drinks must preferably be delivered to us. Also, we must be able to return left-overs.
  • "Special Guest" Will join us - we'll squeeze him/her in somehow. Homework for everyone to think about what he/she should talk about.
  • Offer sign interpretation? Rikard will get a proposal for sign interpretation. Karin has a contact for stenographers.

6. Next meeting

August 29, 16.00 Gnutiken.