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Information pertaining last years FSCONS can be found at FSCONS 2008.

This is some preliminary information regarding FSCONS 2009. As you can see, we are still in an early stage of preparations and are still filling in all the gaps. If you're interested in official announcements of FSCONS, please subscribe to our announce mailinglist, where regular announcement will be sent. FSCONS planning and related things can currently be discussed on the general Nordic fsfe-nordic mailing list.

Date and location

13-15 nov, *either* Folkets Hus (Järntorget, Göteborg) or Burgårdens Konferenscenter (~Scandinavium, Göteborg).

How to get involved

Contributing ideas

If you want to contribute to the FSCONS, the most obvious ways is to give input into the process as we are organising the conference. We're created a specific page for FSCONS 2009 Ideas which you can edit and leave your comments there. We can't guarantee that we will be able to take everything into consideration, but we would very much welcome your participation and will try our best to incorporate ideas into the programme.

Contributing time

If you want to engage more in the planning and implementation of FSCONS, we would be more than welcome to get your help, regardless of if you're a web designer, coder, proof reader, translator, guard, barman/woman, hall monitor, camera man/woman, or any other of the million small tasks that are needed. Just send a mail to and we will make sure to include you in the work. You can contribute regardless of how much time you have, a few hours now and then, or several hours per week!


At this point in time, two tracks are envisioned:

More tracks can and would be interesting, depending on the availability of speakers and topics.


Programme Committee

The programme committee will be responsible, under the direction of the conference manager, to decide on the programme for the tracks of the conference. The programme committe will be involved in particular with creating the Call for Papers (CfP) and ultimately (after evaluation by the programme evaluators) deciding which talks and workshops to accept into the programme, so that the speakers can afterwards be invited by the conference manager (or someone who will be assigned the specific role of arranging invitations and logistics with the speakers).

Programme Committee Members
Stian Rødven Eide

Programme evaluators

The Programme evaluators will assist the programme committee in reviewing the propsals for talks and workshops which arrives.

Role Name Main interest
Evaluator Coordinator Vacant
Evaluator Jeremiah Foster Technical free software proposals

Social events


Welcome reception and dinner. Possible locations: Majgården


The plan for the social event on saturday is planned to start at around 19.00 and go on into the night with award ceremony and dinner to start off the evening. At around 21.00, the idea is to invite the public to listen to free music and drink free beer (or other bevereges).

Berg 211 has been contacted to ask for information and a quote for renting there. Buss transport would need to be arranged from Burgården (or Järntorget) to Berg 211.

Free Beer

4 feb 09, mail has been sent to Skands Bryggerier in Denmark to follow up on last years Free Beer. Inquiring about another 400 liters of beer, specifically brewed for FSCONS.

Food, catering

As last year, we plan to talk to Groovy to arrange for this. But as we will be in central Göteborg, participants can also find their own food. Some kind of pre-arranged lunches will be available for purchase when registering. The options include Groovy, but also to make some arrangement with the restaurants in the area. This will be optional when registering for the conference.

FSCONS Overview

The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is a meeting place for social change. Individuals and organisations, working together to provide insights into tomorrows future, can find discussion areas, workshops, showrooms, social events and presentations on important topics at FSCONS. Set against the backdrop of the nordic countries, FSCONS provides a forum for the world community, and all corners of the world come together during an intensive weekend to engage in discussions that spans the entire range of current topics, and provides a chance to participate in the shaping of future movements in a city where tradition meets innovation and art meets technology.


FSCONS brings together everyone with an interest in the future, regardless of their demographics, be they grass root organisations, companies, academics, cultural workers, hackers or interested individuals. Regardless of who is asked, a common trend among the participants of FSCONS, is the interest in the discourse about our future society and how free software and free culture plays a part in shaping this society. Similarly, participants of FSCONS share a common feeling that meeting spaces where all groups of people from the different fields can come together are severely lacking, and FSCONS intends to help in creating such a cross-cultural meeting space, and to bridge the gap between organisations and inviduals from all fields, who can come together in a united effort to participate in the discourse.

Non-profit organisations and companies participate in FSCONS in order to show their activities to a larger audience. Companies looking for talented individuals that can contribute positively to their work can find those individuals among the FSCONS participants. They can also find other companies to interact with, as well as potential customers and clients in their field of work. But more importantly, companies participate in FSCONS because they will work within the future society, which is shaped in part by the participants, and being a part of this discourse, either as participants or as sponsors of FSCONS, is essential for their future.

Individuals attending FSCONS come from a significant demographic spread, from young graduates to senior advisors, but they are with few exceptions all involved in the discourse about the future society, and come to FSCONS in order to communicate with individuals, organisations and companies around their topics. In particular academic visitors find FSCONS a valuable source of ideas and input for their work, and professionals within any field participate to not only find other professionals in their area, but also to communicate and engage in discussions with companies around their common interests.

Possible co-operative associations in each Nordic country

A very quick look to "organization" of FLOSS activities in each country.

In addition to fields mentioned, also more things to get common information about can be added.


  • placeholder

Activities in the field of education:

Co-operation between these parties:


  • COSS (The Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions)
    • For businesses mainly, over 100 company members (Nokia, Novell, IBM, Red Hat...). Responsible for a lot of free software education (via usage of the open source term), promotion, studies, governmental co-operation
  • FLUG (Finnish Linux User Group)
    • Old, stable LUG. Not too many active people, but also a good place to spread information at (mailing lists)
  • (”Libre Finland”)
    • Free software and content. A new community, but the first with specifically FLOSS scope instead of eg. only Linux (which is understandably popular in Finland). IRC channel #vapaakoodi @ Freenode has ca. 50 persons now. Semi-associated with FSFE (uses fsfe-fi mailing list for example).
  • Other than those three, Ubuntu Finland is Big in terms of visibility, and there are also a big Debian community, Fedora, openSUSE and Unix users communities among else, but in practice anyone with specifically FLOSS interested should (eventually) find their way to COSS (companies), FLUG (Linux specifically) or (mainly for individuals).

Activities in the field of education: COSS, FLUG both have activities, collections of reports from schools, cities etc.

Co-operation between these parties: Very good, people know each other at least to some extent so that there is communication flowing between each three.


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Activities in the field of education:

Co-operation between these parties:


Activities in the field of education:

Co-operation between these parties: