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Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Preparing computers
  • Recording talks


Team positions:

  • Responsible (filled)
  • Cameraperson (filled, could use "backups1")
  • Runner2 (open)

[1]backups in this context would mean extra volunteers who could step up and take over if a cameraperson falls ill during the conference, or, in case we get enough backups, to work in shifts thusly lowering the workload of the entire team.

[2]A "runner" is ideally a person who can find their way around the venue (if ITU indeed becomes our venue for 2011, then a former student would be the natural choice) and which can cover the distance between the "hardware command centre" and a (presentation) room in the least amount of time physically possible. I.e., it shouldn't be someone with a bad knee

Todo List