Fourteenth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting


  • Volunteer walkthrough (content planning)
  • Staffing planning
    • Review/modification of the proposed schedules
    • Location of the credit card machines
  • Booklet content
  • Badge design
  • Next meeting

Minutes (draft until 2012-10-25)

  • Volunteer walkthrough (content planning)
    • Decision: Confirmed the floorplans
  • Instructions and booklet templates.

TODO: Template:Trim (User:Heavensmile)

  • Probably easier if we have the card machine for the walkthrough days (November 6th / November 7th) Or should we bring the people on Thursday evening.
  • Staffing planning / Volunteer schedule
    • 1 volunteer for social event
    • Cafe, except for permanent staff extra persons are needed for breakfast, lunch, need more than two people. Share one with social event. 4 persons in total at least. Schedule finished for tomorrow.
    • Last bus 16 on Sunday towards town 00:41 or other way change to tram 01.15.
    • Saturday evening keep cleaning shift 20-22.
    • Individual schedules are preferred if aspects want them.
  • Review/modification of the proposed schedules
    • Door opens 7.30.
    • Location of the credit card machines

Decision: We move the one from the registration at Saturday noon. TODO: Template:Trim (User:Ljo)

  • Booklet content

Decision: Reuse as much as possible from last year.

  • Badge design

Decision: use the proposed graphical update by Grégoire for name badges.

    • No FSCONS badges and stickers for now.


  • Open security

4 speakers plus open mic session.

  • Next meeting

Decision: Monday October 29th, 17:30 at ITU by Patricia building entrance.