Fifteenth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting


  • Aspect walkthrough
  • Staffing planning
  • Next meeting

Minutes (draft until 2012-11-01)

  • Social event schedule
    • Evelina and Alieza tell they will finalise it today.
  • LJO sends studiefrämjandet questions to them.
    • Klondike are getting some .
  • Cafe aspect

Anton and My tell Mocka provides food.

    • 25-30 SEK per baguette.
  • Soft drinks 2 days to deliver from same supplier as last year.
    • 1-2 fridges free delivery.
    • Kitchen utensils provider, answer tomorrow.
    • Candy and chocolate bars and delicatobollar. Axfood and one other supplier.
    • Chips and nuts.
  • Promotion

Oliver tells about

    • doing blog post
    • utting up posters in Lindholmen (not Patricia building).
    • Näringslivsgruppen hopefully respond this week.
    • Southpole 3000 SEK.
    • LJO is stepping up as silver sponsor.
  • Venue aspect

Oliver asked Jonas Öberg to attend on the venue walkthrough.

  • Hardware

Klondike tells looking for volunteers

    • Microphones, rental, unclear yet witch supplier.
    • Alireza confirms torg 2 has 720p projector.
  • Survey
    • Anton will ask someone.
  • Programme

LJO tells some new speakers. Starting to look good. But some tracks still need to provide their sessions.

    • Test print of booklet on Wednesday. We print 350. 8 A3 pages of schedule.
  • Budget

LJO tells 100 confimed payments. Projection still between 2010 and 2011 figures.

  • Volunteer walkthroughs
    • 17.30 Tuesday 6th
    • 15.30 Wednesday 7th
    • Alireza provided script for producing individual schedules. Got some feedback.
    • We already have like 30 volunteers. 10 hours per person including setup and cleaning.