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We're welcoming both new and old partners to get in touch with us if you're interested in becoming a partner this year as well. Please email us at info@fscons.org.

What is partnership

You can become an FSCONS partner in many ways. Either you can help us organise a range of presentations as a Theme organiser, or some separate presentations (Separate track organisers) or as a sponsor.

Current partners

Theme organisers

Separate track organisers

  • KDE
  • Serengeti

Media partners


  • Google
  • IT-Universitetet
  • Älvstranden Utveckling

How do you become a sponsor?

Read the FSCONS 2011 Sponsorship Invitation


Note that identi.ca at the present has not enabled the forwarding to twitter but will soon. So we have to manually x-post on twitter til they have fixed that. See their service status for updates

Speakers announced via Identi.ca and blog

  • 12/9 kyrah - The revolution will not be televised! (But will it be on YouTube?) Track Civil Rights and the Internet
  • 14/9 Jonas Bonn, Julius Baxter & Olof Kindgren - The OpenRISC Project Track Development for Embedded Systems
  • 16/9 Per Andersson - Basic Data Security Workshop
  • 20/9 Daniel Melin - Free Software in the Swedish public sector Track Free Software in Politics
  • 21/9 Christina Haralanova - Keynote: Hackers for Social Justice Keynote
  • 23/9 Jeremiah C. Foster ( @jeremiah ) - Embedded Free Software/Open Source in your car Track Development for Embedded Systems
  • 26/9 Håkan Lidbo & Magnus Frenning - Talk: Invisi-ball - A ball game for visually impaired Track Universal Design — Aiming for Accessibility
  • 27/9 Blogpost: Stallman and Haralanova to FSCONS Keynote
  • 27/9 Haralanova and Stallman keynotes on FSCONS (linking to blog) Keynote
  • 29/9 Nikolay Georgiev - Open Source Ecology - the hardware foundation for modern civilization Track The Future of Money
  • 30/9 Frederik Gladhorn - Accessibility for Qt and KDE Track Free Desktop Environments

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