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* Wikimedia Nordic meetup, program, marketing aspect
* Wikimedia Nordic meetup, program, marketing aspect
* [http://www.gnu.org/| GNU] meetup, program aspect, Hesa.
*Rewrite FSCONS Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FSCONS
*Rewrite FSCONS Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FSCONS

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Here we can collect ideas we have for FSCONS 2014. Please note that in order to implement your idea you need to talk to the relevant aspect, disuses the topic on the mailing list or bring it up as an agenda item on a workmeeting.


  • Tracks
Open Web/Mozilla track
Open government track (address the use of free software/open data with in governments), collaborate with Morus konsult AB in this?
  • Implement a new graphical profile based on light colors, inspired by the 2013 poster design.
Discuss on the mail-list (ongoing)
Discuss on a work-meeting
Recruit people to the web-team with design skills (ongoing)
Decide the details/elements of the new graphical profile see the text above for a starting point, new colors/style of the swirl?
New fscons.org theme to reflect the new graphical profile (fscons.org are a bootstrap site with a custom css style-sheet)
New social media sites such as twitter
New booklet design
New T-shirt design
  • Improve the social program
Give out the 2014 Nordic Free Software Award, we need to clear the status of the Award (talk to Hesa about this), marketing team.
  • Wikimedia Nordic meetup, program, marketing aspect