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Basic information

What: The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is a yearly conference focusing on areas of technology, society and culture. The conference is stewarded by the non-profit organisation Föreningen fri kultur och programvara (FFKP), an organisation in which all participants are members. The conference is a grass-roots event that encourages networking and dialogue, and everyone is invited to participate in the work.

When: 9-11th of November 2012 (some events might happen in the week leading up to the conference, and the yearly meeting of the FFKP is planned to take place on the eve of the 8th of November.

Getting involved: Please get in touch with one of the organisers, either directly or by mailing info@fscons.org. We need people for everything, organising the conference (see below), or participating as staff during the conference days. Get in touch, and we'll guide you!

Organisers and structure

FSCONS is hosted by the non-profit organisation Föreningen fri kultur och programvara and its board is responsible for the long term planning of the conference. For each year, a team of organisers is formed, consisting of people that work during the year to organise the conference (if you want to help out, see "Getting involved" above!).

The organisers do their work within a number of aspects of the conference which they either coordinate the work in, or participate in. Organisers meet roughly every 2-3 weeks and when needed through mailing lists to discuss topics that are common to more than one aspect of the conference.


First meeting Monday March 12, 2012

  • We'll meet for the first planning meeting on Monday March 12, 2012, at Room "Grupprum 1" in the student union building "Kårhuset" at Chalmers Johanneberg at 17.00--19.00.

Planning timeline

Important Deadlines

31st of May
Deadline for budget requests
1st of July
End of the CFP
1st of August
deadline for talk acceptance/rejection decision
31st of August
deadline for abstracts/schedule

General info

Program and tracks



Conference tracks

Confirmed tracks:

  • Embeddded systems (Jeremiah Foster/Matthias Kirschner/hesa)
  • FSFE - Legal (fsfe, Matthias Kirschner)
  • FSFE - Do it yourselves hosting services (fsfe)
  • Open security (Klondike)
  • Wikimedia (also workshop) (Wikimedia sverige/norden)
  • Decentralising society (Stian)
  • Web science (probably also workshop) (Torbjörn Lager, Mathias Klang)

More tracks will be added when confirmed.


Sponsorship page: http://wiki.fscons.org/page/Sponsors_Aspect_2012


Drop whatever ideas you have here, including for speakers and topics.

Keynote Suggestions

Keynote Speakers suggestions


Please read our FSCONS Manifest.

Anti-harassment policy

Naturally, and in accordance with our manifesto, we have an anti-harassment policy.

Potentially useful stuff