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= Press/blog reviews =
= Press/blog reviews =
'''[http://wendt.se/blog/2012/11/11/fscons-2012/ Fredrik Wendt]'''
'''[http://blogs.fsfe.org/anaghz/2012/11/22/fscons-elation/ Free as Libre: FSCONS elation]'''
'''[http://blogs.fsfe.org/anaghz/2012/11/22/fscons-elation/ Free as Libre: FSCONS elation]'''

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Press/blog reviews

Fredrik Wendt

Free as Libre: FSCONS elation

A perfect weekend, full of laughs and good vibrations. And, although I was exhausted after it, I came back even more convinced about Free Software , the importance of our (or everyone) labour and a lot of ideas about what I can do to continue being involved and to do my bit.

Don't Panic: Free Society Conference and Nordic summit 2012

I have never been to FSCONS before and I was quite surprised by its familiar atmosphere.

Jonas Öberg
#fscons jumps the shark ;)
Leif-Jöran introduces #fscons 2012

Jon Kristensen: Slides from FSCONS 2012

Thanks everyone for a wonderful conference, great presentations, and interesting discussions!