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Please volonteer to help

First steps in getting involved

  1. Read our Manifesto to see that our goals and values are something you share. Also, please see our Anti-harassment policy, which is important that we all are familiar with.
  2. Create an account on this Wiki by going here. This is so that you can add yourself to the list below (don't hesitate to email us and ask us to help you with that if you feel that the Wiki syntax is out of your league!).
  3. Review the groups below and if you want to join one or more groups, please add your name to the team list. Again, if you need help with doing this, don't hesitate to ask us to help putting your name (or nickname) in the group list. You can get Wiki syntax tips here.
  4. Sign up to our discussion mailing list, so that you get information of the activities in the planning and can put questions and interact with other people involved.
  5. If your group has a team leader, contact her or him and announce that you are on board. Discussions within the group will be done in a manner that the team decides.
  6. We use a chat tool called IRC. In IRC you can have a "channel" which is like a room where people can meet and talk. Check in at our IRC chat channel #fscons on freenode.net - information here and if you don't have an IRC client, there's a webchat thing here (choose a nickname and enter "fscons" without the quotes for channel name). This is where meetings will take place, according to our preliminary planning. Try it and say hello! There are people there who will be able to answer questions and help you get started with using IRC. (We will also have physical meetings sometime further on.) More help on IRC here.
  7. Under each team on this page, there's a link to the project overview page with the tasks for your team. For this we use a tool called Trac, and it is basically a web page showing activities, tasks and issues regarding your team.
  8. We will also announce activities using our different channels, as Identi.ca micro blogging, and the FSCONS websiste, so those are great if you can keep an eye on.

Don't hesitate to contact us at info@fscons.org if you want to help us out or if you have questions! And if you have input regarding this getting started guide, please share! We are constantly working on our communication and image.


These are the basic teams for FSCONS 2011 (links lead to further down this page):

Team Description Team Leader Assistants
Execution Jonas Öberg -
Programme LJO -
Venue Rikard Fröberg -
Web Grégoire
Hardware Patrik Willard Christer Corneliusson, You?
Communication Henrik Sandklef Rikard Fröberg (Communication:Partnership)
Shaping LJO Henrik Sandklef, You?
Post conference wrap-up Rikard Fröberg

Core team

The core team currently consists of Jonas Öberg (FFKP), Henrik Sandklef (FFKP) and Rikard Fröberg (FFKP) and it is coordinating all the areas below and as part of bootstrapping the planning, we are seeking helping hands.

Core team tasklist: Tasks for core team

The following groups need you!


For more information: Shaping FSCONS

Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Policies (Accessibility, Gender neutrality, .. )
  • Visions for future FSCONS

Task list: Shaping team task list


Marketing task list: Communication marketing team task list

Relations task list: list: communication relations team task list

Community task list: Communication community team task list

Partnership: For more information: FSCONS Partnership


Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Preparing computers
  • Recording talks


Task list: Infrastructure hardware team task list


Task list: List of Web team tasks on FSCONS' trac page

Mailing list: web ML

Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Drupal
    • e.g. on-line registration form
  • Design
  • Site editor
  • Graphics
  • We have a suggestion to make the making of our FSCONS web page a P2P University course. We need a coordinator for that!


Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Preparations for Information on site
  • Preparations for Registration and welcoming
  • Preparations for Furniture
  • Preparations for Supplies

Task list: infrastructure venue team task list


Sample areas of responsibilities:

  • Scheduling
  • Themes/Tracks
  • Content

Task list: Programme team task list


Sample areas of responsibilities: Task list: execution staff team task list

Food task list: Execution Food team task list Infodesk task list: Execution infodesk team tasklist

Post Conference

Sample areas of responsibilities:

Task list: Post conference team task list

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