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Basic information

When: We will host the conference the weekend 11/11/11. Other events this year can be found here.

How: The organisation of the conference and the teams working is described in FSCONS 2011 Teams

Getting involved: Who wants to help out with the organisation? People needed for everything from drupal development or marketing to moving furniture. In fact, the conference is depending heavily on participation from the community and voluntary co-operation. FSCONS is the sum of what we do together. Read more on how to get involved here


Every other Monday following that, we have physical meetings in Gothenburg. These meetings will start at 16:00 and be concluded around 17:00. You can participate online in IRC or (perhaps more reasonable) you can submit your thoughts on the topics to the organisational mailing list before the meeting so that we can take them into consideration.

We are gathering suggestions for the upcoming meeting agendas on this page.

Meeting summaries will be available here.

Deadline for additions to the agenda will be the Thursday preceeding the meeting, with the agenda being published via email the next day (Friday preceeding the meeting).

If you want to be included in this mailing, contact wildcard or hesa in #fscons on irc.freenode.org

Program and tracks

Each track in the program has a track responsible known as the track manager and the overall CFP, schedule, etc organised by the program responsible. The track managers together in a meeting has veto power by single majority on specific sessions to be included in the track.

Conference tracks

All are invited to participate in defining the overall tracks for the conference. This can be done through subscribing to and posting ideas to the discussion mailing list, leaving comments in the designated area on the wiki or by communicating this to the core team or one of the team leaders. At an open meeting of all groups, the teams will be asked to contribute ideas on the tracks for the conference. It is the responsibility of the core team to make a final decision about the tracks for each conference based on the input from individuals and tracks.

Track Track Organiser
Development for Embedded Systems Henrik Sandklef
Development in Free Software Communities Henrik Sandklef
Free Desktop Environments (working title) Andreas Nilsson & Claudia Rauch
Free Software in Politics Matthias Kirschner
Building Together — Manufacturing Solidarity Leif-Jöran Olsson
The Future of Money Stian Rødven Eide
Our Democracy — Your Privacy (working title) Jonas Öberg & kyrah
Universal Design — Aiming for Accessibility (working title) Rikard Fröberg

In addition to the tracks, we will have two keynotes (common for all tracks) as well as two lightning talk sessions at the end of each day (also common for all tracks).

The budget for each track to cover travel & accommodation is 4000 SEK. A track can ask for and solicit sponsorships from companies or other organisations for their specific track. In this case, the general policies for FSCONS budgets will apply and it should be made in accordance with the sponsorship levels defined by the conference. If a track receives more than 4000 SEK in sponsorship, they will be asked to repay the 4000 SEK budget to FSCONS. Any money not spent in a track will be spent on FSCONS general expenses for next year.


Drop whatever ideas you have here, including for speakers and topics.

Keynote Suggestions

Keynote Speakers suggestions


Please read our FSCONS Manifest.

Anti-harassment policy

Naturally, and in accordance with our manifesto, we have an anti-harassment policy.