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We are leaning towards the date 11/11/11 and unless we hear strong reasons against that date it will soon be officially accepted as the date for FSCONS 2011. Other events this year can be found here.


The organisation is divided into several groups (see below on how to get involved). The groups are coordinated by the core team, currently consisting of Jonas Öberg (FFKP), Henrik Sandklef (FFKP) and Rikard Fröberg (FFKP).

Get involved

Who wants to help out with the organisation? People needed for everything from drupal development or marketing to moving furniture.

In fact, the conference is depending heavily on participation from the community and voluntary co-operation. FSCONS is the sum of what we do together.

Read more on how to get involved here

Management procedures

Rough outline: The groups have each a team leader who reports to the core team as they deem necessary. All groups meet together regularly so that issues or tasks can be coordinated and dealt with. The meetings are open to everybody but the team leaders should preferably attend so that coordination and progress is easy and we all know we are on track according to the plan. Urgent issues may of course be directed to the core team at any time by the team leaders.


Please read our FSCONS Manifest.

Anti-harassment policy

Naturally, and in accordance with our manifesto, we have an anti-harassment policy.


Preparation Bootstrap Initialise Live Logistics Exec-planning Verification Bug-Fix Clean-Up Post-conf
01/21/11 02/28/11 03/28/11 04/30/11 08/31/11 09/30/11 10/31/11 11/10/11 12/31/11 01/31/12


Drop whatever ideas you have here, including for speakers and topics.