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IRC Help

More help on IRC here.

Meeting Summaries

Summary from the the meetings can be found here

Monday May 2nd @ 16:00 CEST


  • Overall theme for the conference
  • Keynote speakers for the conference
    • Suggestion (Henrik): Richard Stallman
    • Suggestion (Jonas): Marcin Jakubowski
    • Suggestion (Rikard): Gabriella Coleman
  • Blog
  • Web pages

Monday April 18 @ 16:00 CET

Next meeting will be at Gnutiken Monday April 18 @ 16:00 CET

Agenda for April 18

  • Wiki permission changes
  • How we are doing, according to Trac
  • Website content planning
  • Keysigning session

Monday April 4 @ 13:30 CET

Agenda for April 4

  • Summary of the week passed, what progress has been made etc.
  • Suggestion and subsequent planning of physical meetings to augment the IRC meetings

Monday March 21 @ 13:30 CET

Agenda for March 21

  • Welcome everybody
  • Planning procedures - how will we plan, execute and communicate?
  • Teams - What teams have we, what teams need more hands?
  • Tasks - What are the tasks waiting for execution and what team will perform them?
  • Trac - What is Trac, how do we plan to use it?