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'''Makers of the Future''' is a proposed theme for [[FSCONS 2010 Planning|FSCONS 2010]] the 6-7th of November 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
DWsOfS Home run! Great sluiggng with that answer!
== Description ==
RepRap is a "rapid prototyping system that is capable of producing its own parts and can therefore be replicated easily". The philosophy of the free software movement: being able to use, share and improve software, gets a real life counterpart in the Hackerspaces, Fablab, Makerbot, RepRap and Open Source Ecology communities. Turning every citizen into a creator is a central issue of this theme, which will explore both the underlying philosophy as well as the actual means of creation.
== Responsibility ==
The responsibility is defined generally for all themes in the [[FSCONS 2010 Themes]] page.
= Speakers =
{{:FSCONS 2010 Speakers Table}}
{{:FSCONS 2010 Themes/Makers of the Future/Speakers}}
The following people have been invited, and is awaiting replies or negotiation:
* Jiri Räsänen - Might be interested, but would need travel and accommodation.
* Michel Bauwens - Invited, needs accommodation and travel
* Bruce Sterling - Invited.
The following was invited, but has been written off for various reasons:
* Maja van der Velden - Invited, interested in presenting but ultimately declined for lack of time.
* Mirko Lindner - Probably better in Embedded. Sending there with a CFP.
* Marius Kintel - Invited, unsure about suitability. Offers to get us in touch with others for Reprap. Directed to Erik below.
* Willem van Cotthem - Invited. No response.
* Inquired with PO about Café-å-lär.
There's room in this for 2x30 and 2x45

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DWsOfS Home run! Great sluiggng with that answer!