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Free Software is a multi-faceted topic with at least a hundred different aspects. Coming from technology to policy, this theme will highlight technical and innovative applications licensed as Free Software, and move in the direction of Free Software in education and Free Software policies.



Travel details
Name Contact person Title Abstract Biography Arrival Departure Accommodation Budget Scheduling Status
Daniel Stenberg Jonas Öberg High performance multi-protocol applications with libcurl With Jonas Saturday AM Sunday PM 6 Nov @ 14.15 (Room 2) OK
Ole Tange Jonas Öberg GNU Parallel With Jonas Sunday 10:00 Sunday 19:00 None needed 7 Nov @ 11.30 (Room 3) OK
Mathias Friman Jonas Öberg Building a swedish Linux for Schools organization 45+ OK
Salve J. Nilsen Jonas Öberg Kaizendo: Customizable school books With Jonas 6 Nov @ 10.00 (Room 2) OK
Björn Lundell Jonas Öberg Public sector ICT procurement: what is shaping practice in Sweden? 45 min OK
Per Andersson Jonas Öberg Packaging for Debian using Git 45 min+ OK

There's room in this for 3x30 and 3x45.