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The "FRA Law", ECHELON and Onyx all raise questions about privacy on the Internet and the necessity of darknets, onion routing via TOR, and other techniques for protecting citizens rights online. This is being amplified by the introduction of data retention directives and other means of policing the Internet. While governments are said to promote an inclusive global agenda, with the Internet as one of its key components, their actions are in many ways contradictory and seem to move more in the direction of stifling innovation and discouraging openness. What can we as citizens do to protect our rights, and how can we increase the competency of governments to make informed decisions?


Which topics do we want covered? How many speakers are there room for?

Potential speakers

Lawrence Lessig, Cory Doctorow, Patrik Fältström, Joakim Jardenberg ("makten och öppenheten"), Peter Krantz (opengov.se), Pelle Snickars.

Steven Levy, Glyn Moody, Pekka Himanen (all three have been asked by jonas)

Signed speakers

None sofar.