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'''Ethics''' is a proposed theme for [[FSCONS 2010 Planning|FSCONS 2010]] the 6-7th of November 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
At last, sooemne comes up with the "right" answer!
= Description =
How does new technology influence our moral values, and are recent developments in society on a par with contemporary values? During this theme, we will explore the multifaceted issue of contemporary ethics. Is it morally acceptable to share digital artifacts with your friends, and if it is, what does that say about the ethics of new regulations and laws seeking to criminalise or introduce harsher punishments for such actions? The theme will try to find an answer to these questions, as well as to pose the question of what is morally acceptable in todays society, and the influence of this.
= Responsibility =
The responsibility is defined generally for all themes in the [[FSCONS 2010 Themes]] page.
= Speakers =
{{:FSCONS 2010 Speakers Table}}
{{:FSCONS 2010 Themes/Ethics/Speakers}}
The following have been asked:
* Bente Kalsnes
The following declined or have been written off for other reasons:
* Hans Kullin - Invited, interested but does not feel ready to talk about this subject.
* Elin Palm - Declined (out of country)
* Roland Alton-Scheidl - Negotiating. No updates.
* Steven Levy - Invited. No response.
* Pekka Himanen - Invited. No response.
* Maja van der Velden - Invited. Interested in "Makers of the Future" theme, sending there.
There's room in this for 2x30 and 3x45 (available: 1x45)

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At last, sooemne comes up with the "right" answer!