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summary and key facts


5-7 November 2010


  • Ethics
  • Divide and Re-Conquer
  • Free Software
  • Embedded Linux
  • Using Free Software to Fuel the Revolution
  • Makers of the Future
  • Infrastructure
  • Extensions


Lars Sandman

Lars Sandman, professor of care ethics, associate professor of practical philosophy is mainly involved in research around health care priorities and clinical ethics focusing on practical implications of ethical norms and values.

Johan Söderberg

Johan Söderberg is a PhD researcher at Science & Technology Studies, Göteborg University, Sweden. Currently he is writing his thesis about the embryonic movement around free/open hardware. The research question which he investigates is how new kinds of political subjectivities are co-emerging together with the creation of new technologies. His main sources of theoretical inspiration is "critical theory of technology", "social philosophy", and "labour process theory". Some recent texts by Johan Söderberg includes a chapter in the book FREE BEER called "Hackers GNUnited", available: http://freebeer.fscons.org/, the article "Hacking as a continuation of labour struggle" (co-authored with George Dafermos) in CAPITAL & CLASS, available: http://www.cseweb.org.uk/pdfs/CC97/C&C_97_Art3.pdf, and a chapter (in Swedish, to be published in September 2010) "Varsågod att älska det immateriella ägandet också" in the book EFTER THE PIRATE BAY. His website can be found here: http://www.sociology.gu.se/kontakta_oss/Doktorander/Soderberg_Johan/

Christian Villum


Karin Kosina vka kyrah has been in love with computers ever since her first encounter with a C=64 at the age of seven. She is a graduate of the Media Technology and Design programme at the University of Applied Science Hagenberg (Austria) and works as a researcher, university lecturer, and freelance programmer. kyrah is also a co-founder of the Metalab hackerspace [1], a non-profit innovation center and open space for knowledge sharing in Vienna. Website: http://kyrah.net Twitter: http://twitter.com/kyrah

Daniel Stenberg

Daniel is a free software and open source hacker since almost twenty years. He's actively contributing to a range of different projects, with curl (http://curl.haxx.se/) being one of the most known ones. Daniel has been a speaker at two previous years at FSCONS. He was awarded the "Nordic Free Software Award" at FSCONS 2009. Daniel works as a seasoned expert consultant within Linux, embedded systems and networking. He also tries to do his share of work within the IETF, primarily within the httpbis and httpstate working groups, but is also following the Hybi one with interest. Daniel blogs at http://daniel.haxx.se/blog/ and you can follow him on twitter at @bagder.

Erik de Bruijn

Erik de Bruijn is an open source entrepreneur, studied information management at the University of Tilburg and since 2008 is heavily involved in the RepRap project, currently as a core developer. As a self-proclaimed RepRap ambassador he is on a mission to democratize fabrication. Besides promoting the project worldwide, he researches the distributed mode of innovation as seen in open source communities and gives hands-on workshops on how to assemble your own copy of this machine.

Christina Gratorp

Christina Gratorp is an embedded C hacker and has a great interest in math, physics and feminism. You might have seen her blog Another Cyborg Manifesto, where she writes about life from a personal, but political point of view. Christina was introduced to free software not very long ago, but nowadays you can see her strolling around in a FSFE sweater, promoting the use of FOSS. This is Christinas second FSCONS as a visitor, and her first as a speaker.

Smari McCarthy

Ian Watson

Assistant professor of social science at Bifröst University, Iceland, editor of the Bifröst Journal of Social Science, member of Iceland's open access working group

Mathias Klang

Malin Nilsson

Malin Nilsson is a PhD-student at the department of Economic History at the University of Gothenburg. Her main field of research is gender and labor in informal or semi-formal industrial production, she is writing her thesis on intersectional dimensions of industrial homework in early 20th century Sweden and at FSCONS she will talk about what happens when companies excel in global flows of information and the labor movement doesn't. She also really likes tv and if you are interested in how the consumption of tv-series relates to global divisions of labor or why you watched “The Wire”, she has a piece on it in the latest issue of "Ord&bild".

Glyn Moody

I have been a technology journalist and consultant for a quarter of a century, covering the Internet since March 1994, and the free software world since 1995. One early feature I wrote was for Wired in 1997: The Greatest OS that (N)ever Was. My most recent books are Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution, and Digital Code of Life: How Bioinformatics is Revolutionizing Science, Medicine and Business. I can be contacted at glyn dot moody at gmail dot com You can follow me on Twitter at @glynmoody

Øystein Jakobsen

Free Software consultant for FreeCode www.freecode.no Vice President of the Norwegian NGO FriBit www.fribit.no Digital rights activist and self-proclaimed visionary

Christian Siefkes

Denis Roio (Jaromil)

Originally trained as a linguist, Denis Roio (Jaromil) is an artist, theorist and programmer who is currently based in Amsterdam. He is working as a researcher at the Netherlands Media Art Institute.Through his support for the development and distribution of free and open software, he tries to overcome existing restrictions and borders, whether economic, social or scientific. Taking an alternative stance to 'profit and power' oriented apparatuses, he is strongly engaged in building networks as a means of sharing tools—choosing to view knowledge as a dialogical and non-hierarchical process. By channelling personal insights into collaborative action, he shows a deep understanding for the problems of our time and possible solutions. (Transmediale 2009, Vilém Flusser Award, jury statement)

Benjamin Bayart

Torsten Grote

Torsten Grote studied computer sciences and is now studying philosophy. He does work for the Free Software Foundation Europe and his focus is on the social and political impact of new technologies such as cloud computing.

Vjaceslavs Klimovs

Nicolae Paladi

Michael Chisari

Ludovic Bocquet

Mattias Wecksten

Jamie King

Andreas Nilsson

Karthik Jayaraman

Karthik Jayaraman is a technology strategist and researcher based in Oslo. He spent the past decade working for leading Linux / open source firms such as Red Hat, Novell, terrasoftsolutions (yellow dog linux) and Sun Microsystems. He holds an MBA from BI- Norwegian School of Management and Fudan University, China; a Master of Science in Information Technology from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He also has a four-year bachelor's degree in computer engineering from India. Karthik’s field of expertise is in open source, open innovation and other forms of commons based peer production. He can be reached at karthix@gmail.com

Stefan Kangas

Gustav Eek

My name is Gustav Eek and I was boorn in the early 80:s. I have been living in Gothenburg since 2004 studying physics. In 2004 I also started my interest in free software and the circumstances around, and methods used in, free software development. During FSCONS I will give a talk on email and freedom together with Stefan Kangas. I also hope that I can be helpful with regard to other matters during the conference.

Mikael von Knorring

Mikael started his free software activism a decade ago with Ung Vänster (youth organization for the Swedish left-wing party Vänsterpartiet). Back then Ung Vänster proposed a new radical culture programme where they pioneered free software and file sharing aspects as part of the programme. He runs a blog in Swedish, at http://vansterteknik.wordpress.com/

Gisle Hannemyr

Michael Christen

Matt Lee

Salve J. Nilsen

Free software guy from Oslo, Norway. Active in the local free software communities, organizer of several conferences and Perl hacker. Currently working on kaizendo.org, a tool for creating customizable textbooks.

Knut Yrvin

Knut Yrvin is co-founder of Skolelinux and a Community Manager at Nokia, Qt Software. Skolelinux is now a part of Debian Edu. Yrvin started his career at Telenor back in 1986. He graduated with an engineering degree in electronics in 1992 and Masters degree in Computer Science & System Development in 2000. Yrvin has since worked in various businesses from Telecom to consultancy and education.

Javier Serrano

Timo Jyrinki

Alessandro Rubini

Anders Arnholm

Developer for Mecel AB. "We make vehicles communicate" Will be talking about Linux in an automotive environment, or how to used Linux inside cars.

Gustav Simonsson

Fredrik Andersson

Ole Tange

Mikael Söderberg

GENIVI alliance and how biz can adapt FOSS

Carlos Garnacho

Multi-touch and gesture recognition

Björn Lundell

Public Sector ICT Procurement

Mattias Wecksten

Per Andersson avtobiff

Pers mother bought him and his brothers a NES video game when they were young with the intention that it was the future. That formed the foundation for a life-long interest in electronics, technology, science, and life. Being a long-term free software and Debian user, Per started to contribute to Debian a few years ago, working with Debian installer, maintaining packages, giving talks about Debian, and also teaching Debian packaging. Per is involved with Planka.nu, an organization that works for free public transport. Planka.nu organizes fare dodgers in Stockholm and Gothenburg, paying their members' fines if they should get some.

Calixte Tayoro


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