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This page contains information relevant during FSCONS. You can add or change information here as we go along, before and during the conference. If you want to organise some event during, before or after FSCONS, you're more than welcome to make use of this space to announce it and do your coordination. (The old conference planning page is at FSCONS 2010 Old Planning, but it is now mostly outdated) Theres also FSCONS 2011 Planning for next year...

Lightning talks

There are two slots open for lightning talks. Each talk should not be more than 8 minutes, and you are encouraged to make it in a 20x20 Pecha Kucha style if possible, to make it more entertaining and interesting. You can sign up in the list below for one of the two slots. If there are more signups than fits in one slot, we will arrange a poll during FSCONS so that the the presentations most wanted by the participants will be selected.

If there are cancellations in the main program, the program committee will pick tasks at their discretion from the list of lightning talks and offer them a slot in the main program. Preference will be given to such talks that complement the program and fits in line with the cancelled presentation if possible.

Lightning talks for Saturday, 16:15-18:00:

  1. Egil Möller - Programming for social change - EtherPad, PiratePad and all the new plugins (contact: egil.moller@piratpartiet.se)
  2. Otto Kekäläinen - Free software looks sexy with VALO-CD
  3. Keyvan Minoukadeh - Making independent/non-corporate media more accessible with [FiveFilters.org]
  4. Erinn Clark and Linus Nordberg - Tor for the impatient (more information, contact: linus@torproject.org)
  5. Karin Kosina vka kyrah - Open Source Ecology: a stepping stone to transcending survival and evolving to freedom.
  6. Jon Phillips aka rejon@status.net - Federating the Social Web with OStatus and StatusNet. jon@status.net

Lightning talks for Sunday, 16:15-18:00:

  1. Mathias Johansson - Free Software in East-Africa (more information)
  2. Per Andersson - PlankaPad - an instance of EtherPad (more information)
  3. Per Andersson - Freedom Box (more information)
  4. Henrik Nordström - Introducing FriBID - A free and open BankID client - http://fribid.se for more information
  5. Bjarni R. Einarsson - PageKite - websites on all your devices
  6. Kacper Wysocki (Linuxbrigaden) - Biodiesel the unspoken alternative. comotion@krutt.org

Ride Sharing

Coming to FSCONS and need a ride? Or having space over. Announce it on FSCONS 2010 Ride Sharing.