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5-7th of November 2010

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Call for participation 2010

Call for participation 2010

Call for participation 2010 - FSCONS Embedded

Coordination meeting dates

Meetings will take place on IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode at 14.00 the 1st, 11th and 21st of every month, starting at the 1st of April. All times indicated are CEST. The first meetings are thus:

  • Tuesday 11th of May 14:00
  • Friday 21st of May 14:00
  • Tuesday 1st of June 14:00
  • Friday 11th of June 14:00
  • Monday 21st of June 14:00

Organisation Groups


Who's involved?

Right now, the following people are involved in the organisation, listed with their involvement in various parts of the conference. If you're interested in one particular part, please get in touch with the person listed as coordinator for that, or click the heading for that part to go to the more detailed information about it. For instance, the W3 group has several areas of responsibility under it.

Name and affiliation Contact address Themes
Jonas Öberg, FFKP jonas@ffkp.se C X X X C C C C C X X X X X C
Henrik Sandklef, FFKP henrik@ffkp.se X X X C C X X
Jeremiah C. Foster jeremiah@jeremiahfoster.com X C
Øystein B. Jakobsen oystein.jakobsen@fribit.no X X
Patrik Willard, Gnutiken patrik@gnutiken.se C
Fredrik Wendt fredrik@wendt.se X X
Serengeti C
Stian Rødven Eide, Gnutiken stian@gnutiken.se X C

Stefan Kangas skangas@fsfe.org X X X
Gustav Eek gustaveek@student.gu.se X X X


  • X - Participating
  • C - Coordinating


These are the five themes that we currently have planned, or are in the process of planning, for FSCONS 2010. If you have an idea for a new theme, or want to help out with organising one of the below themes (as a coordinator or volunteer), please contact us at info@fscons.org.

Theme Description Coordinator
Embedded Linux The use of Linux and free software generally in embedded systems is increasing exponentially. In some ways, it's more common than not to use free software when developing new devices. Moving through the seven layers of the OSI model, this theme explores modern embedded systems, from the physical layer to the applications. Henrik Sandklef
Infrastructure Monitoring FSCONS 2010 Themes/Infrastructure Monitoring Jeremiah C. Foster
Core Development

More and more people use centralised services for their daily tasks. To send each other messages they use centralised social networks. Most people only use a few providers for publishing videos and pictures. When we are searching for information there is a small amount of different search engine providers. In democratic societies power is divided and distributed. The topic of this track is why we need more decentralised Free Software services and which solutions already exist.

Net Neutrality and Openness FSCONS 2010 Themes/Net Neutrality and Openness
Making the Future FSCONS 2010 Themes/Making the Future Jonas Öberg
Feminism FSCONS 2010 Themes/Feminism Serengeti, ljo
Social, cultural and political extensions

Description and better name TBA.


How does new technology influence our moral values, and are recent developments in society on a par with contemporary values? During this theme, we will explore the multifaceted issue of contemporary ethics. Is it morally acceptable to share digital artifacts with your friends, and if it is, what does that say about the ethics of new regulations and laws seeking to criminalise or introduce harsher punishments for such actions? The theme will try to find an answer to these questions, as well as to pose the question of what is morally acceptable in todays society, and the influence of this.

Jonas Öberg


Saturday 6th of November

Room 10.00-10.30 10.45-11.15 11.30-12.00 12.00-13.15 13.15-14.00 14.15-15.00 15.15-16.00 16.15-17.00 17.15-18.00
Room 1 Lars Sandman / Ethics 101 Johan Söderberg / Labour Slava & Nicolae / Middleware LUNCH Keynote: Karin Kosina // Arduino+Art Glyn Moody / Ethics Erik de Bruijn / 3D printers Jamie King / Indie Film Torrents Smari McCarthy / End of the World
Room 2 Salve J. Nilsen / Customizable Schoolbooks Knut / MeeGo Christian Villum / CC Record Label Daniel Stenberg / libcurl+protocols Mattias Wecksten / One wire sensors Christina Gratorp / Women in floss Andreas Nilsson / Poster in 45 minutes
Room 3 bayartb / P2P Torsten Grote / Centralisation of Internet Ville Sundell (emb) / ?? Michael Chisari / lbocquet / Social Networks Javier Serrano (emb) / Open Hardware Alessandro Rubini (emb) / ?? Anders Arnholm (emb) / Embedded linux
Workshop Mattias Wecksten (emb) / File systems Per Andersson (hacker) / Git+Debian Lightning Talks (fs)

Sunday 7th of November

Room 10.00-10.30 10.45-11.15 11.30-12.00 12.00-13.15 13.15-14.00 14.15-15.00 15.15-16.00 16.15-17.00 17.15-18.00
Room 1 Ian Watson / OpenAccess Mathias Klang / File sharing Gustav Eek, Stefan Kangas / Distributed email system LUNCH Keynote Oystein J / Distributed Democracy Brit Stakston / Social media Siefkes / Peer Production Jaromil / Free Gardening
Room 2 Mikael N / ?? Daniel Stenberg / Future transport Malin / Gender, class and global flow Mikael von Knorring / "Free Users" FS 3 (rubi??) / ? Gisle Hannemyr / Copyright Björn Lundell / Public sector ICT
Room 3 Timo, phone, (emb) - need ACK Erlang (emb) Ole Tange / GNU Parallel Mikael Söderberg (emb) mc / Yacy Carlos (emb) Matt Lee / ??
Workshop Mathias Friman / School Linux Lightning Talks (using)