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Possible co-operative associations in each Nordic country

A very quick look to "organization" of FLOSS activities in each country.

In addition to fields mentioned, also more things to get common information about can be added.


  • placeholder

Activities in the field of education:

Co-operation between these parties:


  • COSS (The Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions)
    • For businesses mainly, over 100 company members (Nokia, Novell, IBM, Red Hat...). Responsible for a lot of free software education (via usage of the open source term), promotion, studies, governmental co-operation
  • FLUG (Finnish Linux User Group)
    • Old, stable LUG. Not too many active people, but also a good place to spread information at (mailing lists)
  • vapaasuomi.fi (”Libre Finland”)
    • Free software and content. A new community, but the first with specifically FLOSS scope instead of eg. only Linux (which is understandably popular in Finland). IRC channel #vapaakoodi @ Freenode has ca. 50 persons now. Semi-associated with FSFE (uses fsfe-fi mailing list for example).
  • Other than those three, Ubuntu Finland is Big in terms of visibility, and there are also a big Debian community, Fedora, openSUSE and Unix users communities among else, but in practice anyone with specifically FLOSS interested should (eventually) find their way to COSS (companies), FLUG (Linux specifically) or vapaasuomi.fi (mainly for individuals).

Activities in the field of education: COSS, FLUG both have activities, collections of reports from schools, cities etc.

Co-operation between these parties: Very good, people know each other at least to some extent so that there is communication flowing between each three.


Activities in the field of education:

Co-operation between these parties:


Serengeti is at its core a mailinglist for solidarity movement activists about free software. Our goal is to put in a ideologic context and make free software easily available to organisations and activists within the solidarity movements.

Serengeti also offers web hosting for ideella organisationer/projects (for terms and conditions see Serengeti).

Activities in the field of education: Serengeti förbereder en wiki i utbildningssyfte.

Co-operation between these parties: