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Meeting Agendas and Notes

Board meeting: 18 aug at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information from Staff:
  • Organisation of FSCONS and introduction to the working structure
FSCONS is governed by the Board, which consists of all participating Co-Organisers, under the direction of the Conference Manager. The Board meets every week on IRC and takes the most important decisions that need involvement of all Co-Organisers. It's also a way for the Co-Organisers to be kept informed about what's happening. The Staff consists of the on-site staff where each person has a specific role and function to play during the implementation of the conference. Staff meet more frequently in person and in a more ad-hoc way as the needs change.
  • Planning public activities before FSCONS
There is a proposed and planned communication structure at FSCONS 2009 Communication Strategy which will outline where and how various types of information should be released and pushed for to up the interest in the conference in the months to come.
  • Schedule for FSCONS
Following the work of the Programme Committee there is a schedule now online at http://fscons.org/schedule.php which is not yet public, but can be used as a reference. There will be some small changes to it, and some of the speakers have not gotten back to us yet. Hopefully the complete schedule can be published soon!
§2 Decisions
  • Tickets in geocaches
There is a proposal to put free tickets to the conference in geocaches. This should probably be of the form of some discount coupons or similar that the finder can cash for an FSCONS ticket. Proposed 20 free tickets, distributed in some reasonable way between the countries, as per what is easily implemented so that not too much time is spent on this task.
  • Streaming and recording of speeches
There's a need to at least record the speeches during FSCONS, and preferably if it can be arranged, to also stream them online as the conference progresses. Bambuser is a service which primarily is intended for streaming information via 3G from cell phones and similar, but can be a useful service for streaming events. Proposal that we get in touch with Bambuser and invite them to participate with us at FSCONS to stream all talks during the two days.
  • Get-together event on Friday
Proposal to combine the efforts of Resource Point, the GNU Hackers Meeting and FSCONS to have a combined event on friday evening, the day before the conference. This would be an informal get-together event for FSCONS, and closing event for Resource Point and GNU Hackers Meeting. Jonas and Henrik have a meeting with Resource Point on tuesday lunch, and will inform about the outcome of that, but a proposal is that these are all merged and that we do the get-together meeting together.
  • Flyers for FSCONS
Joakim Ljungblad has been working on some flyer designs for FSCONS. Will be available on tuesday, after which a decision is needed during the meeting on which flyer to go for, and any comments we have. Joakim will then finalise the design. Other designs will potentially also be available.
§3 Discussion
  • What other organisations do we want to have participate at FSCONS to present their work? These might not be Co-Organisers, but just participating with people to present their projects or organisations in the common areas of the conference.
  • We're still lacking a bit in the area of sponsors, especially when it comes to travel funds. What organisations might be available for giving funding for visiting speakers, or general conference sponsorship of FSCONS?