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Meeting Agendas and Notes

Meeting agenda: 20 oct at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information
Currently 90 registered, whereof 69 have paid. Based on historic data, this puts the number of attending at around 200, plus speakers and staff.
§2 Decisions
We'll hire coffee makers and buy coffee etc from Groovy Foods as last year. Groovy has also offered a lunch deal with soup day 1 and vegetarian lasanga day 2. The cost for this, for us, would be 140 kr for one person for both days. We should include this in the price for the tickets where we already offer this, but we should also offer all existing registrations, as well as future registrations, to buy lunch tickets for 100 kr. This can also be offered on site if we order ~5-10% more.
Speakers Gifts
The place with GNUs never got back to us about it. So we'll go with free ticket for next years conference and chocolate.
Video equipment
Renting equipment to produce videos etc of the talks will cost, according to the volunteer in charge of this, about 10,000 SEK. Jonas will check on this to see if it's feasible.
§3 Discussion

Meeting notes: 13 oct at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information
Burgården Conference Center
Our budget simply won't manage with the cost of Burgården, and our attempts at finding new sponsors or lower costs at Burgården have not turned out to be fruitful. So we've had to go with another option, the IT University, and have spoken with the administration here and booked the relevant rooms.
Registration information
71 registered, whereof 56 has paid already. According to Henrik, this should be considered very good and we will fill the venue without problems.
Travel information, speaker
As far as speakers are concerned, we've gotten a lot of abstracts up on the website now, and the travel for all speakers coming here from abroad has been booked and arranged, together with their accommodation.
§2 Decisions
Discussion about whether we need new posters with updated address or not. The existing ones should be completed with a note giving the new address, but it doesn't seem necessary to have new posters, since noone had an idea of where they would be distributed.
Beer, etc, for social event(s)
We are not sure if the plan to co-locate the Friday mingle event with the Open Source Day will work out in practice. There's very little information from them on the subject. An option could be to have the mingle event also at the ITU, which will also help us logistically and with the registration which can then happen from Friday evening and not everyone on Saturday morning.
Speaker gifts
Preliminary a GNU and a free ticket for next year. If someone has another idea, post to staff@ and we'll organise it towards the end of the week.
Additional marketing
TODO: Lennart, can you coordinate with Jardenberg to push for FSCONS through his channels?
TODO: Razor to look into updating the address on the various online calendars.
§3 Discussion
Hesa requests help pushing for the Free Software award.

Notes from meeting: 29 sep at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information
+10 registrations since last week
Flyers and posters on their way out
Stian says people want to come if they can find a couch.

TODO: Jonas to push the Coachsurfing group to Linuxföreningen and Ubuntu-SE TODO: Make a special A3 poster (just b/w printing) giving FSCONS.org and asking people to help visitors find a couch, linking also to CS

§2 Decisions
Förra året fick FSCONS en en artikelspalt på DFSs sidor i Computer Sweden och det är inget som hindrar i år heller(troligen fred. 23 el.ev. 30 okt). Har du FSCONS loggan i tryckformat kanske den kan komma med också. Det innebär också, tror jag, att den kommer med i nyhetsutskickets länkar till alla medlemmar i Sverige och på DFS huvudsidor, som många prenumererar på via rss. Vore bra om programmet kom tidigt till vår journalist Marianne Loor som också gärna pratar med er innan, så sänd Marianne ett mail om när du tror det skulle vara lämpligt att höras.Sen läggs info upp på mina nätverks sidor och kalendrar dvs. i östra, västra och södra avser då webb och Open Source(tillsamman sex olika platser på dfs sajt ) och skickas i samband med mina inbjudningar till mina aktiviteter. Och det gör jag så fort jag har programmet, så ju fortare jag får programmet så.... :-) Och utöver det fixar jag så att det sätts upp flyers på universitetet och troligen på Länsmuséet och ITceums anslagstavla( ITceum flyttar just in i Länsmuséets lokaler och blir Datormuséet).

TODO: Jonas to accept and prepare registration page with DF discount.

§3 Discussion
Swedish Model
Stian has been in touch with Swedish Model who have offered a band to send to Gothenburg to play at FSCONS if we can sponsor their travel.
TODO: Stian: Reply to them that we are interested, and looking for funding to bring the artists here.
TODO: Stian: Check a potential cultural house in Majorna that's just starting out as a potential place for social event
TODO: Stian: Contact Pallin and ask if he's interested in co-organising the social event.

Notes from meeting: 22 sep at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information
Mozilla Foundation Europe joining as a sponsor
We got a mail two days ago from Mozilla Foundation saying that Mozilla Europe has agreed on a 1000 eur sponsorship of FSCONS
Flyers are now available
Jonas informed that we now have flyers in A6/A5/A4 available. They have been distributed to Linköping University, .SE and Wikimedia Sweden (Lennart) and should now also be sent to ljo for Humanisten. If anyone wants flyers, let Jonas know so he can send.
Registration status
As of yesterday we had 35 registrations, whereof 25 had paid already. I don't know how this stands against previous years, but according to hesa, more than 15 is good, so we seem to be doing fairly well in terms of registrations, and we know that most of the registrations will appear in the last weeks before the conference.
§2 Decisions
§3 Discussion
We have been approached by Ralf Andersson at Dataföreningen asking if they can get a discount on the admission for the conference. 20% has been suggested. Jonas will ask what kind of promotion will be done in Dataföreningen for this, and get back to this as a decision point next meeting.

Notes from meeting: 15 sep at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information
§2 Decisions
Budget: Travel sponsorships
We have been asked by Shriram and Yousuf, travelling from India and Bangladesh, to pay for their travel and accommodation expenses. The total cost of this would be ca 25,000 SEK (possibly somewhat more, depending on the flights). They have been provisionally accepted into the program, assuming that we have money to pay for their costs. At this point, it seems unlikely that we'll be able to pay this. Suggested decision is to inform them that we can't pay for their travel and accommodation. They are both academics and it is possible that they might be able to find funding through their own universities. We can allow them at most two weeks for this before removing them from the schedule.
DECISION: Jonas to implement this according to the suggestion.
§3 Discussion

Notes from meeting: 8 sep at 15.00 CET

Where: IRC, channel #fscons on FreeNode

§1 Information
Invitation to FSCONS 2009 has been sent out. Please distribute widely!
TODO: Jonas to create a printable schedule.
TODO: Lennart distributes flyers to the library; Henrik does CTH; LJO does Humanisten.
§2 Decisions
Admission fees for Co-Organisers
There's been a question from the FSFE if their members (Fellows) can get a reduced admissions fee to the conference. We've discussed a €10 admission fee for Co-Organising organisations (essentially a 50% cut from the €20 default fee). Does this make sense? The same deal would in that case apply to all members of Co-Organisers.
DECISION: Co-Organisers get 4 free registrations, which they can use in whatever way they please. Additional registrations are 10€ per person. Ideally, this will be dealt with by the Co-Organisers itself, who then report the names and country of origin one week in advance of all people registered through them. WMS will sponsor attendance for its members, and recommends that other organisations do the same.
§3 Discussion
Subscriptions to Linux Journal and Linux Magazine
Henrik has negotiated two subscriptions to LJ and LM to be handed out in an award ceremony. Someone needs to organise a competition for this though.
Henrik will ask around more generally for a volunteer.
Nordic Free Software Award
Henrik requests help pushing for the Nordic Free Software Award
Volunteer staff during the FSCONS days
It's become time to involve volunteers to work on FSCONS during the FSCONS days (and preparations before that).
Budget issues
The budget is right now -172 tkr (ca). Jonas will send an estimated budget to the board.

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