FSCONS 2009/Call For Participation

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Call for Talks, Papers and Workshops


Last year

When and How to submit

What kind of speakers?

Info about speaches: talks/papers/workshops, format for each

Important dates


   * Author name(s)
   * Contact Information
   * Preferred timeslot (15, 30, 45 minutes, 90 minutes)? Needed?
   * Title of proposed presentation
   * Summary of proposed presentation
   * Presentation outline
   * Intended audience

Session lengths include time for audience questions, and session switching. You should budget at least five minutes for questions and five minutes for changeover; for example, a 30-minute talk will be 20 minutes of presentation, 5 minutes of questions, and allow 5 minutes for delegates to switch sessions.

If your talk is accepted, you can also submit a paper?

If audio/video: Ogg format Slides as PDF beforehand