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1CSXTq  <a href="http://xtdiyyzkcjyd.com/">xtdiyyzkcjyd</a>, [url=http://ztlzfgghflna.com/]ztlzfgghflna[/url], [link=http://cjmwtreawxpd.com/]cjmwtreawxpd[/link], http://hxqolhhcvorn.com/
'''NB: This Wiki is community maintained and should NOT be regarded as an official source of information. All confirmed information is located on the FSCONS main website [http://fscons.org]'''
indiana sex offender</url>
Contrary to fast-spreading rumors planted by pranksters on Digg.com and Wikipedia, 15-year-old Miley Cyrus, pop singer and star of the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana TV series, did not die in a car crash on Friday, September 5.
To reconnect with people who came to the Gothenburg conference, find them here at the wiki. This is meant as an entry point, not a space for further conversation. See the Community portal page (in the left-hand menu).
As of Saturday morning, no such accident had been reported in any legitimate news source. The story is a hoax -- and a poorly spelled one, at that.
Tag '''fscons08''' at Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/fscons08/
One version, attributed to "Rueters", reads as follows:
== Questionnaires ==
Actress Miley Cyrus Died in Terrible Car Accident
[[guest-questionnaire|Guest Questionnaire]]
Teen star of the hit Disney television series "Hannah Montana" Miley Cyrus appears to have died in a tragic car accident in the early hours of Friday morning. The young starlet was on her way to the filiming of the upcoming "Hannah Montanna"Series when her vehicle was reportedly hit by a large truck. Witnesses estimate that the colliding vehicle was travelling at "At least 55mph" and had "Run a stop sign." Although rushed in a critical condition to Pacific Alliance Medical Centre, the news broke quickly amongst reporters that the teen had succumbed to her injuries during surgery.
[[staff-questionnaire|Staff Questionnaire]]
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* [[FOSDEM 2009]]
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Miley Cyrus Shower Wet T-Shirt Picture!!!!!! She is SO sexy!
Miley Cyrus has been caught up in yet another photo scandal-this time at the hands of an internet hacker. A picture of the Hannah Montana star showering in a wet t-shirt has been leaked online after a hacker at DigitalGangster.com accessed the actress’ cell phone memory. The hacker is presently shopping a series of naughty pictures of the teen to celebrity snitch sites.
Stay tuned for more Miley Cyrus shower pics. As they get released, PopCrunch will bring them to you first.
= Events =
October 2008 around FSCONS at Gothenburg:
Wed 22  Get ready!
Thu 23  Evening: Preparations at the Venue.
Fri 24 FSCONS Day 1/3
          Developer Workshop (see http://www.ws08.se)
          Video Streaming Workshop
          Creative Commons Workshop
          Evening: Early registration and social event (TODO: Location)
Sat 25  FSCONS Day 2/3 (see http://www.fscons.org/schedule)
        Evening: Presentation of Awards and Dinner
Sun 26  FSCONS Day3/3 (see http://www.fscons.org/schedule)
        Evening: Pub. (Location - Ad-Hoc decision )
Mon 27  Relax.  Think.  Take Notes.
Tue 28/11  Feedback Meeting (TODO: time+place)
= Schedule =
The Schedule is available on the page http://www.fscons.org/schedule
The schedule is preliminary. Topics are confirmed but times are subject to change.
[2008-09-11] There are still eight open slots.  Please apply asap!
The three lecture rooms have these names:
* Development
* Free Culture
* Free Software
* Where are those three rooms (building, floor, room number)?
* Add some pictures of those rooms to this wiki.
* The location of these events is not given:
  Award, keynotes, lunch, registrations, and social event.
* What other rooms are there for developer meetings?
= Feedback =
= Site Map =
Mission        http://fscons.org/about
Free Software  http://fscons.org/freesoftware
Free Culture  http://fscons.org/freeculture
Free Content  http://fscons.org/freecontent
Award          http://fscons.org/award
Organisers    http://fscons.org/organisers
Contact        http://fscons.org/contact
Events        http://fscons.org/events/
Schedule      http://fscons.org/schedule/
Speakers      http://fscons.org/speakers/
Visit        http://fscons.org/visit/
Register      http://fscons.org/registration/
Travel        http://fscons.org/travel/
Accomodation  http://fscons.org/accomodation/
Venue        http://fscons.org/venue/
Volunteering  http://fscons.org/volunteering/
Registration  http://fscons.org/volunteer/
Press Info    http://fscons.org/press/
Accreditation http://fscons.org/accreditation/
Become a Sponsor    http://fscons.org/sponsor/
Sponsors of FSCONS  http://fscons.org/sponsors/
Related Events http://fscons.org/related-events/
Promote FSCONS http://fscons.org/promote/
= Links =
Links not in the Main Menu (eg from the sidebar of the homepage):
Nominations:  http://fscons.org/award/nominate/
Suggestions:  http://fscons.org/proposeevent
= Archive/History =
A look back on the previous FSCONS:
Webpages  http://fscons.org/2007
Videos    http://www.fsfe.org/en/advocacy/audio_videos/fscons_2007
Videos    http://thepiratebay.org/user/FSCONS
= Newsletters =
The newsletters which had been sent out:
* http://fscons.org/files/fscons-newsletter-2008-07-18.pdf
* http://fscons.org/files/fscons-newsletter-2008-06-13.pdf
= Organizers =
The organizers come from these groups:
* [http://www.creativecommons.se Creative Commons Sweden]
* [http://www.fsfeurope.org Free Software Foundation Europe]
* [http://se.wikimedia.org Wikimedia Sverige]
= Organizations =
These organizations are represented at the event:
* CCMixter
* Debian GNU/Linux
* Icelandic Fab Labs
* Magnatune
* Midgard
* OpenStreetMap
* Postgres
= Volunteers =
* Mirko Lindner    mirko[at]creativecommons.se
* Stian Rødven Eide stian[at]fsfeurope.org
FSCONS heavily relies on volunteers to help us out here and there and to make FSCONS a success.
The volunteers are '''coordinated''' mainly by
[[User:Vegyraupe|Mirko]] and [[User:Julipan|Stian]] from the Core Team.
Below we have listed some of the tasks that right now FSCONS needs help with.
Tasks before, during, and after the event:
* PR: put up posters.  ask for posters at mailto:adm@fscons.org - and we will send them to you!
* PR: add links (digg), blog about FSCONS, speak about FSCONS
* preparations:  filling bags with info
Tasks during the event:
* registrations: handing out badges+bags, giving info
* entrance: checking badges
* security: monitor the halls
More tasks:
* Feedback: asking attendees about their view on the conference
* Helpers: coordination of helpers
* IT: help with the network, setting up presentation PCs for speakers
* IT support: help speakers with the setup for the network and their slides
= See also =
Related events:
Related events:
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= TODO =
* People: Add all people from the orgsanisation.
* People: Add all people from the organisation.
* FAQ: Fill the page with questions - and possibly with answers, too.
* FAQ: Fill the page with questions - and possibly with answers, too.
* Logo: Explain the logo's parts and mention the creator.
* Logo: Explain the logo's parts and mention the creator.
* PR: Send press releases to slashdot and pro-GNU/linux.
* PR: Send press releases to slashdot and pro-GNU/linux.
* Add more Pages: create more pages, for example: About - Blogs - BoF - Chat - Companies - Connect - Docs - Events - FAQ - Food - Guide - LightningTalks - Links - Lost - Misc - News - People - Pics - Press - Program - Projects - Rooms - Sleep - Streams - Travel - Venue - Videos - Wishes
* Add more Pages: create more pages, for example: [[About]] - [[Blogs]] - [[BoF]] - [[Chat]] - [[Companies]] - [[Connect]] - [[Docs]] - [[Events]] - [[FAQ]] - [[Food]] - [[Guide]] - [[LightningTalks]] - [[Links]] - [[Lost]] - [[Misc]] - [[News]] - [[People]] - [[Pics]] - [[Press]] - [[Program]] - [[Projects]] - [[Rooms]] - [[Sleep]] - [[Streams]] - [[Travel]] - [[Venue]] - [[Videos]] - [[Wishes]]
= DONE =
= DONE =
* Logo: Insert FSCONS logo.
* Logo: Insert FSCONS logo.
* URLs: Remove "index.php5?title=" from URLs.
* URLs: Remove "index.php5?title=" from URLs.

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NB: This Wiki is community maintained and should NOT be regarded as an official source of information. All confirmed information is located on the FSCONS main website [1]

To reconnect with people who came to the Gothenburg conference, find them here at the wiki. This is meant as an entry point, not a space for further conversation. See the Community portal page (in the left-hand menu).

Tag fscons08 at Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/fscons08/


Guest Questionnaire

Staff Questionnaire

Other conferences

See also

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10-16 Thu 10-19 Sun 2008-06-01 Sun EuroBSDCon Strasbourg France eurobsdcon.org
02-24 Sat 02-25 Sun --- FOSDEM 2008 Brussels Belgium fosdem.org
08-23 Thu 08-24 Fri 2008-06-02 Mon FrOSCon Bonn Germany froscon.org
10-03 Fri 10-04 Sat 2008-07-01 Tue Open Source Days Copenhagen Denmark opensourcedays.org



  • Logo: Insert FSCONS logo.
  • URLs: Remove "index.php5?title=" from URLs.