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= Volunteers =
Hey! Great Site!,
* Mirko Lindner    mirko[at]creativecommons.se
* Stian Rødven Eide stian[at]fsfeurope.org
FSCONS heavily relies on volunteers to help us out here and there and to make FSCONS a success.
The volunteers are '''coordinated''' mainly by
[[User:Vegyraupe|Mirko]] and [[User:Julipan|Stian]] from the Core Team.
Below we have listed some of the tasks that right now FSCONS needs help with.
Tasks before, during, and after the event:
* PR: put up posters.  ask for posters at mailto:adm@fscons.org - and we will send them to you!
* PR: add links (digg), blog about FSCONS, speak about FSCONS
Tasks during the event:
* preparations:  filling bags with info
* registrations: handing out badges+bags, giving info
* entrance: checking badges
* secur
ity: monitor the halls
More tasks:
* Feedback: asking attendees about their view on the conference
* Helpers: coordination of helpers
* IT: help with the network, setting up presentation PCs for speakers
* IT support: help speakers with the setup for the network and their slides
Staff planning:
* [[Stations|Stations and teams]]
= Questionnaires =
= Questionnaires =

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Hey! Great Stuff!,

To reconnect with people who came to the Gothenburg conference, find them here at the wiki. This is meant as an entry point, not a space for further conversation. See the Community portal page (in the left-hand menu).

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Hey! Great Stuff!,

Hey! Great Stuff!,

Hey! Great Stuff!,


Hey! Great Site!,


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Staff Questionnaire

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