Eighth planning meeting 2012

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Org Meeting
Place:CTH Johanneberg — EDIT-room


Summary (DRAFT, will be finalised Tuesday June 12th)

  • Keynote voting

DECISION: Vote until end of week according to procedure on keynote page. TODO: Template:Trim (User:Stian)

  • Graphical profile.

DECISION: Workshop meting with interested persons end of June, suggestion 27th. Posters should be started to be put up in mid September.

  • Café aspect

DECISION: Investigate bitcoin, but sceptical to add another payment method.

  • Social aspect


  • Hardware aspect

Rent pa systems for all rooms, microphones, light, according to suggestion. Additional questions answers for convenience: Max 4 simultaneous tracks, No sign interpreter. Hardawre provide estimes. Slides+audio. Pay shipping back and forth to Belgium.

Next meeting

Monday 30th 17.30 at Språkbanken, L307. 
  • GD explains what is the aspect coordinator role? The coordinators are not supposed to do everything themselves. Important task is to make sure the communication is working.
  • DECISION: Evelina and Alireza will be coordinators for the social aspect.
  • DECISION: Security aspect needs a coordinator, ask Rikard or someone on the org mailing list

TODO: Template:Trim (User:Grégoire)