Comments on the manifesto from FSCONS 2011

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Here are the comments collected from the sticky notes during FSCONS 2011, where we asked the participants to comment on the manifesto interactively using pen and paper and huge print-outs of the manifesto on the walls.

  1. Awesome to see a manifesto for FSCONS this year! Thanks
  2. Cross-pollination" Fancy expression.
  3. I don't mind the "fancy" but "pollination" is sufficient.
  4. It exists to provide ... from the P.O.U of freedom.
  5. "Virtual space" (for meeting each other and discussions): I don't think there is much of that provided by FSCONS now, but actually I like the idea.
  6. When "FSCONS is founded as a Free Software conference "Scandinavia"?
  7. Crowd sourcing the manifesto is a brilliant idea!
  8. "participants at each activity": visitors to FSCONS every year? visitors at lectures? what?
  9. "Low barriers": the cost of entrance! which barriers is it?
  10. "Financially self-supporting": Consistent web usage.
  11. You may want to clarify how these goals relate to the overall purpose of the conference. The goals are ok but it would be good to put them in an explicit context.
  12. "Goal,financial follow-up..": donate all the money!
  13. "Goal,Being accessible...": make sure not to alienate advanced participants by keeping it too basic.
  14. "Goal,Being accessible...": is it about knowledge?
  15. "Goal,Being accessible...": accessible for who? what are the criterion?
  16. "FSCONS should spark interesting discussions and co-operations ": sloppy definitions aren't what make things interesting, they are just sloppy.
  17. "FSCONS should spark interesting discussions and co-operations ": we don't know that is what make it interesting.
  18. "We strive to lower the barriers for...": good! indeed!
  19. "Approaches to accomplish the goals": since it's a continuous process and not a single one-off activity, "accomplishing" would probable sound better.
  20. "Receiving help and funding through an active sponsorship of FSCONS, is a great way for FSCONS to meet its goals in terms of financing and staffing, but also a great way for sponsors to both promote their projects, getting feedback and inspiration to them, and expand and connect them with other projects, as well as involving people and organizations into the work." some native English speaker could review this paragraph for grammar consistency and improve the flow and cohesion.
  21. "Investigating what good quantitative approaches could be established in order to meet the goal of having a reasonable and fair gender distribution among the participants": what exactly is "quantitative approach" ?