2013/Sixth planning meeting

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Date:2013-06-10 18:00


  • Standing agenda
    • Welcome to new members
    • Reports from the aspects (Aspects walk-through)
    • AOB
    • Next meeting

Minutes (draft until 2013-06-12)

Welcome to new members
No new members present.
We have now confirmed half the tracks and finished the CfP.
We will send the CfP far and wide. Please help spread it!
The keynote voting should now commence (se separate e-mail)
We decided to sell alcoholic beverages even this year. One of our members have a contact who has done the necessary course.
Decision: Voted for selling alcohol. Dio has one new person which has alcohol serving education. Inform Tab about hen.
We had a discussion on the budget, the result of which was that there will be a small buffer for travel money.
Ticket price
We started discussing the ticket pricing, but didn't reach any conclusions. We will decide it on the next meeting.
Next meeting
Will be Monday 24 June at 18:00 in Språkbanken.