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  • Location: Everywhere, FSCONS building
  • Hours: Friday 18-23, Saturday 09-23, Sunday 09-23

As a runner during the conference, you'll be our on-call person to deal with all sorts of questions and emergencies. You'll need to be up to speed with most of the other roles at the conference, and be ready to pitch in when and where it's needed.

You don't have a fixed location during your work shift but is free to enjoy the conference as you normally would. You will carry a com-radio so that if there's a need for you somewhere, we can call you and get your help.

You're responsible for:

  • Coming to the FSCONS conference manager 5-10 minutes before your shift to get instructions and a radio
  • Returning the radio to the conference manager after your shift
  • Keeping the radio on at all times
  • Being available