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This template insert a TODO item in the page. It will be displayed inline but also marked as task in the database, allowing easy gathering of task using the Template:Todolist todolist template


Basic usage is very simple, just insert the description of the task in the template like this: {{todo|Do something useful}}

Task with a deadline

{{todo|Do something useful | deadline = 2012-03-18 }}

Assigning a task to person

{{todo|Do something useful | assignedTo = Someone }}

Marking a task as done

{{todo|Do something useful | done = ✔ }}


{{todo|Do something useful
 | assignedTo = Grégoire
 | deadline = 2012-04-23

TODO: Template:Trim (User:Grégoire) deadline: 2012-04-23

{{todo|Do something useful
 | assignedTo = Grégoire
 | done = ✔

TODO: Template:Trim (User:Grégoire)