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Swirly is an irc bot for fscons, hanging out in the #fscons channel.

Swirly has a some classical irc bot functions but its main feature is to check the status of the ticket sales on eventbrite:

 gregoire  swirly eventbrite
 swirly    FSCONS 2015 (2015-11-07)
 swirly    Business: 1
 swirly    Regular: 0
 swirly    Early Bird: 34
 swirly    Youth: 3
 swirly    Additional Contribution: 1

Deployment documentation

Swirly runs on our server.


There is a special user, swirly, created as

 useradd -s /usr/sbin/nologin -r -M -d /var/swirly swirly


There is a systemd.service file to manage swirly (/etc/systemd/system/swirly.service), so we can use systemctl to start/stop/monitor swirly:

  systemctl start swirly
  systemctl status swirly
  systemctl stop swirly