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Keynotes: The choice for keynotes should ideally be people that draw different crowds to the conference. What we have seen is that the keynotes are for many visitors one of the main reason for registering. Furthermore, they should be more or less equally interesting whichever of the three "pillars" of FSCONS (tech, culture and society) that you are into.

   Charlie Stross

Instead I would like to suggest Charles Stross, noted sci-fi author. His books has been discussed at FSCONS on several occasions and he's been in the loop for a potential keynote for the last two years. He was very eager to come, but couldn't due to conflicting events. Since you made such a good start with the organising already, I'm sure that he still is bookable for next year.

   Cory Doctorow
   Karin Kosina 
   Nadia El-Imam
   Charles Stross?
   Suz Hinton (noopkat)
   Jennie Robinson Faber
   someone from

Speakers and possible Talks:

   X Carl Karsten - fully open source video production
   X Eric Teubert - Personal media development
   X Brian Behlendorf - Hyperledger og Open Blockchain Technologies
   X Nadia El Imam, og Katalin Hausel:
   X Sumana Harihareswara -  sh AT
   X Catharina Mota er leiar for Open Building Initiative - - catarina AT
   X Lena Reinhard - "Existing in the Tech Industry"
   X Aria Stewart
   X Rachel Nabors With a talk about "Animation for the Web"
   x Emil Freding - Living off the grid
   x Eirann Leverett - The politics of secure infrastructure
   x Dougald Hine - The future is broken 2
   x Maria Xynou - Open Observatory
   X Jeremie Zimmermann - for a free network
   X Øyvind Kolås - minimal, graphical, libre future of computing
    X Vinay Gupta

More ideas for whom to invite:

   mimes brønn
   darknet shopping bot
   security conference spoofer
   video art girl
   Jens Dyvik (open design)?

from the wiki suggestions:

Track Topic Ideas:

   Automation, robotics and green cities
   Freedom of Communication and Digital Rights
   Programming languages
   Free Software Projects
   Ecology and new economies

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