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ExecutionTeam TaskListCreate a dummy schedule to have something with basic times (start, end, lunches, keynote, lightning etc) on the webWebTeam
ExecutionTeam TaskListWrite a blog post about how awesome FSCONS isWebTeam
ExecutionTeam TaskListPlan and do a staff walkthrough of venue a week before the eventVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListPrint 400 copies of the program bookletVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListCreate a dummy draft for the program booklet/handout to all visitorsVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListCreate a manual for the cash registerVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListTalk to GGS and Bentrix about cash register this year tooVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListMake or update the template for the badgesVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListCreate a execution plan ("körschema") with times, staff and datesVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListUpdate the wiki and reformat the meeting protocols into individual pages
ExecutionTeam TaskListMake a plan for what to buy for the café area/social eventVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListPrint badgesVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListMake a plan for what to buy for the breakfasts, and how to arrange itVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListBuy gifts for speakersVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListRecruit additional staffVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListBuy water for speakersVolunteer information
ExecutionTeam TaskListCreate a plan for how much staff is needed during the executionVolunteer information
Fifth Planning meeting 2012In the CFP, we should identify some topics/tracks, even if they are not confirmed, and mention clearly that people can suggest talks outside of these topics too.
Fifth Planning meeting 2012Invite the Wikipedia contacts to the program/meetings
Fifth Planning meeting 2012Circulate phone number to people in the aspects who may wish to attend the meeting