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                Registration now open!
      Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit
      Gothenburg, Sweden, 5-7th November 2010

The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is the Nordic countries largest meeting place between Free Software, Free and Digital Culture and Free Society. Gathered around a series of interesting themes, more than 50 speakers will talk on a wide array of topics that engage and inform.

Topics for 2010 include embedded systems, ethics, digital infrastructure, rapid prototyping, hackerspaces, decentralised networks, free software, forks of the free software philosophy and social movements.

During the conference, organisations and projects will also be available and present their work including the Fedora Community, Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation Europe and the RepRap Project.

 Speakers and sessions

The full program of the conference can be found on http://fscons.org/program

Among the speakers can be found Erik de Bruijn (NL) from the RepRap project talking about rapid prototyping and open hardware; Glyn Moody (UK), author of the Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution will talk about the ethics of intellectual monopolies; Alessandro Rubini, author of Linux Device Drivers, will talk data structures benchmarked in the Linux kernel and Karin Kosina vka kyrah will talk about the inanna project, an experiment in art, technology, and the transformative power of free hardware and software.

During the conference days, a number of workshops will also be organised, with topics such as Free Software in Swedish schools, packaging for Debian using Git, and File System Formats.


Registration is now open at http://fscons.org/register and starts at €30 for a normal registration.

The registration includes access to all of the conference program, all social events (including dinner during the Saturday social event) and coffee and tea during the two conference days.

We hope to see you in Gothenburg in November!