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  1. Meeting opening: The meeting was opened by Stian.
  2. Other meeting formalities
    1. Election of meeting officials
      1. Chair: Stian was elected to chair the meeting
      2. Secretary: Andreas S was elected as meeting secretary
      3. Approval, who also counts the votes: Gregoirè was elected to be approval for the meeting.
    2. Decision on agenda: The meeting accepts the agenda, with the addition of point 9.1, the manifesto.
    3. Is there quorum, and was the meeting properly announced? The meeting has quorum. The meeting decides that the meeting was properly announced.
    4. Adjustment and approval of electoral register: The electoral register was approved.
  3. Annual report: See https://fscons.org/2014/schedule/
  4. Economical report: The treasurer presented the economical report.
  5. Auditor's report: The auditor presented their report. The meeting was recommended to grant the board "ansvarsfrihet för verksamhetsåret 2014".
  6. Discharge of the board: The board of 2014 was discharged with ansvarsfrihet. The board did not participate in the voting.
  7. New elections
    1. Board election: The board should consist of at least three regular members. The valberedning suggested Stian, Ljo and Andreas S. Oliver volunteered a suppleant. This suggestion was carried.
    2. Election of auditor: The meeting elected Gustav E as auditor for 2015, and Andreas N as suppleant.
  8. Decision on membership fee: The meeting decided to keep 50 kr per year as membership fee.
  9. The Association FSCONS's plan for operation during the coming year:
    1. Manifesto: The manifesto was handed out and presented by the policy committee. The meeting approved the manifesto for 2015.
    2. Plan of operations:
      1. Organise the yearly conference in November (7-8 Nov).
      2. Aiming for 300 participants.
      3. Aiming for more sponsors.
      4. Reduction of number of teams, as suggested by Documentation Sprint meeting:
        1. Tech: greg
        2. Documentation and evaluation: ljo, andreas s
        3. Promotion: stian, andreas n, oliver
        4. Logistics: gunne, greg, andreas s, ali, ljo
        5. Budget: ljo
        6. Programme (including social programme): ljo, stian
      5. Reduction of number of tracks to 6, with increased space for workshops (concurrently with other three tracks) in the programme, and social programme as a track.
    3. Budget:
      1. Increased budget per track to 8000 SEK for the ordinary tracks and workshops, and 6000 SEK for the social track making a total of 62000 SEK budgeted
      2. Outsource café, offering approximately 10k SEK to ensure that we get good prices, service and "attitude"
      3. Participant fees increased to 450 for "early bird" (150 tickets, limited timet), 700 "ordinary", 1900 "company", 100 "children". Lunch both days included for all participants.
    4. The Meeting approved the plan and the budget.
  10. Received motions: No motions have arrived.
  11. Other Questions: No further questions.
  12. Meeting closure: The meeting was closed.