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Planning for the CAFE (Culinary Acculturation Facilitator and Esculent) produce officer

The CAFE should be a meeting place where everyone can sit down to eat, drink, talk and be merry. It is here many of the networking activities take place. Research shows that eating together has great social benefits for everyone. Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for individuals or groups to bond and create new ties. So the CAFE is an important part of FSCONS experience and it dose takes allot of work to plan but hopefully this page will help to make that process easier.

Create a CONTACT LIST for the CAFE:


  • STEP 1) The key to step one is to collect as much data as you can early, such as getting the order lists from last year’s FSCONS Cafe. This will help to clarify exactly what need to be done first. This means that you need to contact the Budget Team and get a copy of the orders from last year. There are many unknown variables at the early stages in planning as the number of people coming to the FSCONS conference is as yet unknown. The budget is a key factor that is known or should be brought up by the Cafe Team ASAP.
  • STEP 2) Create orders for each company that you will be ordering from and get a quote on how much all this will cost. Then present this list with prices at the next FSCONS meeting. Be ready to make several adjustments. The best way to make an order is to use Email so that you have a traceable communication that can be presented if there are any misunderstandings so try to avoid ordering by phone if you can.
  • STEP 3) Logistics is important as things do need to be delivered and many of the items need to be picked up from the different companies. So these pickups and payments do need to be organized with others in advance in order to get the right help at the right time. NOTE: when you do pick up these orders or items don’t pay cash directly but instead ask for a Faktura if possible.
  • STEP 4) Coordinate and Communicate with the other aspects as the CAFE is a connected to many parts of the conference. So when there is a break between events many of the conference goers will be heading to the CAFE. The social events and awards ceremony is also usually held in the cafe area. There is allot of work to setup and remove the cafe so make sure there are enough people to help out.
  • STEP 5)


  • Plan the delivery dates so that food with a short shelf life can be ordered a day before or as in the case of pizzas which are ordered on a half daily basis as the conference is under way. The Items that have a long shelf life can be ordered a week ahead, given that there is enough room to store them safely. You don't want the drinks or other items disappearing on you do you.
  • Plan the physical layout of the cafe so there is enough space for everything that the Cafe will need. Make sure there is a good source of water nearby, don't have electrical plugs under appliances that you will be pouring water into its no fun when everything goes ZAP and the room goes dark. Tip: You can put the plug in a plastic bag and tape it so no water can come in as a last resort.
  • Apart from the food and drinks there are many OTHER things that are over looked, like getting enough storage room, a fridge, power connectors, a computer and cash register, paper plates, cups, soup cups, getting the volunteers and their schedule so there are no big gaps.

Tips for the Next CAFE at FSCONS:

  • Have a CAFE note book with you that has all the information in it that you will need for the CAFE, such as delivery address, FSCONS organization number and address.
  • Order less food
  • Vegan soup went well but we ran out of take way soup cups as people used them for big cups of coffee.
  • The make your own roll went well. Only buy the frozen rolls that do not need to be baked in the oven.