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The hardware team has two primary tasks:

  • Record the talks
  • Prepare conference computers

For these purposes there are a number of camera kits (three) complete with a camera, a tripod and recordable media available, as well as a couple of laptops.

Team Leader Responsibilities

The team leader is responsible for:

  • ensuring that there is enough equipment to fulfill the tasks, and otherwise to in a timely fashion inform the core team of the deficiencies.
  • maintaining an inventory of the equipment
  • coordinate with programme manager about any special hardware requests from speakers (including initiating a mailing to all speakers, asking them about any special needs)
  • preparing the equipment before the conference
    • ensuring that all equipment is present
    • ensuring that all equipment is operational
    • installing any special software on the laptops
  • retrieving the equipment from secure storage at the beginning of each conference day
  • putting the equipment into secure storage at the end of each conference day
  • coordinating and scheduling hardware team members on where to be and what to do

Team Member Responsibilities

A team member will:

  • show up on time, or inform the team leader of absence in a timely fashion
  • coordinate with the speaker presenter to start recording
  • record talks
  • keep track of "their" assigned hardware (camera/laptop) at all times


Tutorial (in Swedish) on how to make good TV from a lecture/presentation: Så gör du snygg TV av din föreläsning